Why LifeSeed?

Me and my team at LifeSeed are compelled to leave a greener sustainable earth for our future generations.

We at LifeSeed want to create jobs in India and majorly contribute to India’s Economic growth and Infrastructural development.

LifeSeed will work towards this by using The Most Sustainable resource available in India and the world to build Home Interiors and develop infrastructure.

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Unique characteristics of Hemp?

The fastest growing plant which means farmers can produce a crop every 4 months.
A very versatile material when cultivated its wood like core fiber can be used to make construction material.
It’s can be made in almost any shape. The end result is something that is similar to a pressboard or a concrete wall, far more sustainable and stronger than fossil fuel based materials.
It has been proven that hemp + pure lime has the capability to store approx. 700 kg of CO2 per cubic metre of hempcrete, which is more than even the self-weight of the product!
Hempcrete is also resistant to decay, mold, insects and rodents. It has been used in Ellora Caves to preserve paintings from decay. Amazingly, hempcrete also gains strength with time, improving its durability.

A LifeSeed Solution

The solution we offer is simply to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the usage of fossil based raw materials to a bare minimum.
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The Natural Solution

Hemp reveals itself as an innovative solution in the building sector.
Hemp is the only building material that can remove carbon from the air, it does this by sequestering CO2 from its surrounding atmosphere.
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